embroidery designs whith request

On this page, I propose the digitalization of your logo to you or of an embroidery for a particular occasion, frame for a marriage, a birth etc.

I propose also the digitalization and the embroidery of escutcheon to you to measure.

For that send me an image of your Logo and the final size of the embroidery by e-mail and I will send to you an estimation by e-mail within a 72 hours (except weekend) with an image of the embroidery proposed

To order, reply to my  estimation's e-mail with the mention good for agreement.

The embroidery will be sent to you by e-mail dice reception of your payment.

To regulate your order, to indicate in the quantity the amount of the quantified estimate.

Example 1€ X 10 for an amount of 10€

It is clearly understood that the designs created on order remains your whole and single property.

hereafter some examples of designs